Master Sleuth Courtney Love Thinks She’s Solved the Malaysia Airline Mystery


Rock musician Courtney Love is known for many things, among them: Being Kurt Cobain‘s widow; fronting ’90s alt-rock icons Hole; saying terrible things about Dave Grohl; and being openly… er… troubled… and brash. Add to that resumé her newfound skills as a non-expert expert investigator.

Amateur sleuths worldwide have used the website Tomnod to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from their desks. Love got a hold of the site and told Twitter on Monday morning that she had spotted what she believes to be the site of the plane’s crash:

Questioned by one of her followers, Love pushed back that her spot is nearly a mile away from Pulau Perak, roughly the location “where they ‘last’ tracked” the missing airliner. She even drew a helpful map and initialed it:

At this point, we still know next-to-nothing about MH370’s whereabouts, so Love can add herself to the growing list of People Who Have Strong Opinions™ about the plane.

If you want to experience Love at her finest, watch this classic:

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