Mediaite‘s J.D. Durkin Says There’s a ‘Good, Cogent’ Argument For Trump to Be Tweeter-in-Chief


President-elect Donald Trump may have worked himself into controversy from time-to-time on his favorite social media platform Twitter; but there’s still a “really good, cogent argument” for Trump to continue his 140-character outbursts, according to Mediaite columnist J.D. Durkin.

Durkin appeared on Cheddar Life Tuesday to discuss Trump’s proclivity for Tweeting and how the medium may be reshaped during a presidential administration. While many have called for Trump to give up the practice altogether, Durkin argued this is the newest iteration of a long presidential precedent.

FDR had his fireside chats,” Durkin told to cohosts Kori Hale and Peter Gorenstein. “Calvin Coolidge embraced radio, and Harry Truman was the first to really embrace television, and this is kind of what it looks like now,” he said of Twitter.

While Durkin admitted that it’s a “very effective” method for the President-elect to communicate, the pitfalls were evident in Trump’s recent call to expand and fortify the US’s nuclear capability. “There’s really no room for nuance. But when you’re President of the United States, nuance and carefully shaded language is incredibly important,” Durkin said, pointing out that Trump’s team was left scrambling to offer clarifications about Trump’s real intentions.

Durkin argued there’s nothing wrong with Trump sticking to the practice, but joked, “But maybe we get him a proofreader.”

Watch above via Cheddar Life.

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