Meet Bill O’Reilly’s New Best Friend — She’s a Real Dog


On April 19, news broke that Bill O’Reilly was through at Fox News.

After years of prime time moralizing, the T.V. ratings emperor was ultimately hoisted on his own petard, undone amid the swirl of allegations of sexual harassment and millions of dollars in settlement payments.


For some men, the moment would be a time for reflection amid the comforts of family and friends. Others perhaps could marinate in their material wealth. With an estimated $85 million that option is certainly still open.

But as O’Reilly fades into the rearview mirror of history, he seems to have taken comfort in the love of a new friend named Holly.

Who is Holly you ask? Maybe a leggy former Factor contributor?


Holly appears to be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Between June 17 and and July 22 — mere weeks after his career ended in a blaze of ignominy —  Bill O’Reilly posted no less than 10 photos and 1 video of Holly.

Circumstantial evidence suggests she enjoys the beach and is a very good girl.

Holly apparently is filling up Bill O’s home with fur.

Holly may even be starring in a new series? Maybe she can fill in on Fox & Friends.

Here’s Holly at the beach!

Bill likes Holly’s ears.

Holly likes french fries


Beach again


[image via screengrab]

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