Meet Ellis, The Patriotic Star Of Callista Gingrich’s Upcoming Children’s Book

Callista Gingrich is a woman of many talents. Not only can she play the French horn, but she’s also written a children’s book: Sweet Land of Liberty, due out late September. Here she is with Ellis, the elephant tour guide who takes her young readers on a journey through American history:

Take a guided tour through American history with Ellis the Elephant. Sweet Land of Liberty takes children on an entertaining and educational journey to introduce and explain the greatness of America. Traveling through time, Ellis partakes in the pivotal moments that have shaped our nation’s unique history and character. Authored by Callista Gingrich and illustrated by Susan Arciero, Sweet Land of Liberty will delight young and old alike through the charming adventures of Ellis the Elephant and the story of why America is an exceptional nation. To be released September 26, 2011

Eat it, Babar.

Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich even wrote about Ellis’ visit in today’s newsletter:

P.S. Look who stopped by our office last week. We think you’ll be seeing more of Ellis soon!

Elephants really are generally much, much cuter than some other animals. We’re still hoping, however, for Ralph Nader’s epic and morose and epically morose illustrated masterpiece, The Chronicles of Cardozo.

h/t Politico

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