‘It Really Messes Up Your Life’: Newt Gingrich Dishes on the Realities of Being Veep


While the rumor mill may continue swirling about whether or not Donald J. Trump will select Newt Gingrich to be his running mate, the former Speaker of the House spoke candidly about some of the concerns with being Vice President.

“There’s wild speculation,” Gingrich said sheepishly at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Saturday. He joined former Secretary of Labor Ann Korologos for a question-and-answer to a packed room that reportedly was standing room only as the heat around the potential VP pick has picked up in recent days.

Korologos admitted to the crowd in Colorado, “We have standing room only because in 48 hours or so I think Newt’s life… will start to change a bit. I think there’s a growing interest in the vice presidential vetting process.”

Gingrich — who is widely viewed as a longtime establishment alternative to the crude outsider status of the presumptive nominee — noted that the process would require long conversations with his wife of sixteen years, Callista. “I suspect if it did come to anything, we’d have to have a very long talk, and depending on that talk, of course I’d have to sit down with Donald and have another long talk,” he admitted Saturday during a panel called Trump, Sanders, and the American Spirit of Rebellion.

The former House Speaker spoke candidly about the pressures of the job. When asked to identify the primary role that the Veep serves in a administration, Gingrich told the crowd, “The number one definition of the vice president’s job is the president’s [to define],” he said. “Some presidents give a lot of power to vice presidents [while others have not]… Callista and I have to talk a lot of this out in detail, because It really messes up your life.”

At a separate event Saturday at the Aspen Ideas Festival, active Vice President Joe Biden poked fun at Gingrich amid the Veep rumors. “Newt, are you going to do it?” asked Biden to a laugh from the crowd, pointing out that Gingrich was seated nearby.

“Should I?” Gingrich said.

“I think [Trump] needs the help, yes,” replied Biden. “I tell him, it’s a hell of a job. Get a big pay raise. It’s all work.”

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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