Meghan McCain Trashes ‘Felon’ Dinesh D’Souza in Tweetstorm: ‘My Family is Sick of This’

Meghan McCain went after perennial mudslinger Dinesh D’Souza in a tweetstorm Thursday morning, slamming the commentator for his references to her father’s imprisonment in Vietnam.

It all kicked off with an early morning tweet from D’Souza comparing Senator John McCain’s five-year captivity and torture during the Vietnam War to his “captivity by leftist thugs in the media today”:

The Outnumbered host apparently did not enjoy that reference to her father’s five years spent as a prisoner of war, and responded in a tweet saying that people who have never served in the military often make comparisons to her father’s torture:

McCain continued, adding that her “family is sick of this”:

She ended her rapid fire response to D’Souza by asking if his status as a convicted felon is “voluntary or involuntary”:

D’Souza, who made a name for himself as a dogged and incendiary right-wing pundit, was charged in 2014 with a single felony count for making $20,000 of illegal contributions to New York Senate candidate Wendy Long, who ended up losing the race to Kirsten Gillibrand by a margin of 46%.

He pleaded guilty.

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