Michael Moore Heckled At Occupy Protest: ‘Make Way For $50 Million Michael Moore!’

Moore Heckled At Occupy Protest: 'Make Way For $50 Million Michael Moore!'

Filmmaker, activist and son of Michigan Michael Moore had presented himself to the media as the (very) unofficial poster celebrity for the Occupy movement, even appearing on CNN host Piers Morgan‘s program to discuss his ties to the protests as well as to vehemently deny that he’s a member of “the one percent” — an issue Morgan revisited when Moore made another appearance to once again discuss the movement.

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And it seems that the issue of Moore’s money — not only how much he has, but where and how he’s obtained it — isn’t about to go away.

The Blaze is reporting that, while visiting New York City’s Zuccotti Park on Saturday, Moore was met with hecklers presumably upset over the fact that Bowling for Columbine director once owned stock in Halliburton, the oilfield services company whose name is, for some, closely associated with circling vultures and stray black cats yowling at an eerie harvest moon.

As Moore makes his way across the park, one rather loud young man can be heard shouting “make way for 50 million dollar Michael Moore, everyone!”

“Have your picture taken with 50 million dollar, Halliburton investing Michael Moore!” and “Michael, why did you invest in Halliburton?” are later heard.

Of course, there were still plenty of fans on hand excited to pose for a quick picture with Moore, get his autograph, or have a chat amid the heckling.


h/t Michigan Live via The Blaze

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