Michael Moore Scolds Clinton Campaign for Botched Handling of Pneumonia Scare


michael-moore_10.28.11-316x237Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore closely followed Hillary Clinton‘s health emergency yesterday, and he’s urging her to take her doctor’s advice now.

It was revealed on Sunday that Clinton’s early departure from the 9/11 memorial was due to the effects of pneumonia. As critics piled on Clinton after staffers escorted her away, Moore took to Twitter to show some compassion.

Even so, Moore also voiced disapproval with Clinton’s staff for trying to hide her illness. He also seemed concerned that the move will only give #HillarysHealth conspiracy theorists ammo to use against her:

Still, Moore was sympathetic as he urged Clinton to recuperate:

As the news continues to develop, Clinton has cancelled several campaign appearances in California, and her spokespeople have acknowledged that they didn’t handle the episode very well.

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