Michael Savage Rips Obama’s Incompetence on Ebola: ‘President Obola’


Radio host Michael Savage is no fan of President Obama. Savage, who once theorized the U.S. government may be experimenting on Ebola victims, appeared on the “Steve Malzberg Show” to plug his new book and to advance his new theory that President Obama is deliberately trying to spread the Ebola virus to America as part of his plan to destroy the country’s institutions. It all culminated in him creating a new moniker for Obama: “President Obola.”

“He has to be smarter than that,” Malzberg said. “He has to have a purpose and a plan, and I believe he goes to bed every night smiling saying, ‘check, another check, we did it.'”

Savage pushed back and said people are “idiots” if they think President Obama is a lame duck with little power left because over the past six years Obama has “managed to destroy the country’s chief institutions.”

Then came the dire prediction:

“The fact of the matter is, with two years we’re not gonna survive. We will not exist as a nation with firm borders, with a single language, and with a cohesive culture … He has been conducting a civil war on America’s institutions for the day he seized power.”

And here comes the Ebola theory.

But he said Ebola is “where the rubber meets the road” and where Obama’s “incompetence” is really shown. “He could’ve stopped this. It’s getting out of control,” he said.

Savage called Obama “President Obola” because he fears that will be his legacy. He concluded by calling the entire situation a “nightmare” and said it proves how “incompetent” Obama really is.

Listen to the audio below:

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