Ex-NBCer Nancy Snyderman Opens Up About Ebola Uproar: Like Being ‘Burned at the Stake’

Sanjay Gupta Calls Himself Less Liberal Than CNN Colleagues in Playboy Interview

World Health Organization Declares Liberia Ebola-Free

Ferguson, Ebola, and Secret Service Coverage Honored with Pulitzers

150 Writers and Professors Send Letter Criticizing 60 Minutes‘ Africa Coverage

Nurse Nina Pham Suing Dallas Hospital over Ebola Transmission

Writer in Nigeria Trolls U.S. over Measles Outbreak

New York ‘Ebola Doc’ Speaks Out, Believes Media Overreacted

Iraqi Official Dismisses ‘Unfounded’ Reports That ISIS Fighters Have Ebola

Ebola Cases Top 20,000 in West Africa, New Case in Scotland Confirmed

CDC Worker Potentially Exposed to Ebola After Lab Mistake

Cable News Was the Major Force Behind PolitiFact’s 2014 Lie of the Year

Concha: Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ a Good Choice, but Here’s a Better One

Head of Toronto Police Oversight Board Under Fire for Garner, ISIS FB Post

NBC’s Nancy Snyderman Apologizes for Breaking Ebola Quarantine

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Still Hasn’t Returned to NBC After Breaking Ebola Quarantine (UPDATED)

Kaci Hickox: Stop Calling Me the ‘Ebola Nurse’

Dead Ebola Patient’s Fiancée to Write Memoir

Dallas Hospital Pays Settlement to Ebola Victim’s Family

Chris Hayes Sarcastically Applauds CNN, Fox for ‘Totally Rational’ Ebola Coverage

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