‘Millions of People May Lose Their Coverage’: Chris Cuomo Grills GOP Congressman on Healthcare


On New Day Friday, co-host Chris Cuomo mixed it up in a feisty exchange with GOP Congressman Jim Jordan. The two men dove into the details of the American Health Care Act and how the future of health care in the United States should look.

“We want to make this bill consistent with what we told the voters we were going to do,” said Jordan, who has criticized the GOP’s Obamacare replacement from the right. Jordan cited a previous repeal attempt as the model he wished to emulate. “The exact same legislation we put on President Obama‘s desk, let’s put on President Trump‘s desk. We know we can pass that.”

Cuomo then dug into the details with the prosecutorial flair that has become his trademark. “Health care costs are going up. That was true before Obamacare that was true after Obamacare, but it was less true after Obamacare,” he said. “Is it misleading to say to people Obamacare is the problem?”

“We think the answer is a marketplace, not more government control,” said Jordan.

Cuomo then accused him and Republicans of “cherry picking” data to support their conclusions. “You use government as if it’s a bad word in this context, but to be fair, there is no place that you’ll find that has this kind of marketplace when it comes to health insurance,” said Cuomo. “You’re saying it like it’s something that should be understood. It’s never existed anywhere else that you can point to and remember you have to be ok with having less people having health insurance to get some people to have it cheaper.”

“The way you’re fixing it now, millions of people may lose their coverage, you need to own that,” said Cuomo.

Jordan stuck to script, “It works in every other industry,” he said, stammering at various points.

“This industry is different,” said Cuomo.

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