Scarborough Mocks GOP Pledge to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions They Sabotaged: ‘They ‘re All Lying!’

Sen. Orrin Hatch Apologizes for ‘Poorly Worded Joke’ About ‘Dumbass’ Obamacare Supporters

Orrin Hatch: If You Love Obamacare, ‘You Are One of the Stupidest, Dumbass People I’ve Ever Met’

Kimmel Reads Praise He Received From Trump Supporters After He Rebranded Obamacare ‘Trumpcare’

Trump: ‘Dems Own’ Health Insurance Premium Increases, Obamacare Will Be Repealed and Replaced

President Trump Praises Lou Dobbs… for Praising Trump On TV

CNN’s Paul Begala Mocks Trump’s ‘Christian Values’ Speech: ‘He Is Such a Godly Man!’

Kimmel on Graham-Cassidy: ‘I Haven’t Been This Happy About Something Being Dead Since Bin Laden’

Matt Schlapp on GOPers Trying to ‘Weasel Out’ of Obamacare Promises: ‘It’s Pitchfork Time’

Trump: Health Care ‘A Little Tougher Without McCain’s Vote, I’ll Be Honest’

Obama Speaks on Republican Obamacare Repeal Efforts: ‘It Is Aggravating’

Steve Bannon Rails Against Sen. McConnell and Rep. Ryan in 60 Minutes Interview

Trump Siding With Dems on Debt Ceiling Is Natural Response to GOP Botching Obamacare Repeal

Trump Goes After Senators McCain and Flake: ‘I Will Not Mention Any Names…Very Presidential’

What The Hell is Tomi Lahren Doing On Her Parents’ Health Plan?

Hannity Rips ‘Spineless, Gutless’ GOP on Obamacare Repeal: Stop Making Excuses and ‘Keep Your Word’

Tomi Lahren Gets Booed for Slamming Obamacare While Admitting She Benefits From It

Mulvaney: Senate Shouldn’t ‘Move On’ Until Health Care Gets Done

Trump: If Health Care Bill Isn’t Passed, ‘Bailouts for Members of Congress Will End Very Soon!’

Trump Declares That Senate Republicans ‘Look Like Fools’ By Not Killing Filibuster

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