What?! Missouri Dem Releases Ad That Shows Him Assembling a Assault Rifle Blindfolded

Politicians campaign with guns all the time. Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens, for instance, has embraced it as his schtick.

Also in Missouri is a Democrat running for Senate and he’s taking the road less traveled. Jason Kander‘s ad still prominently features his weapons-related prowess as a selling point, but promotes background checks on prospective gun buyers as a good thing.

After explaining that his opponent, Senator Roy Blunt, has been attacking him for his stance on guns, a blindfolded Kander announces, “In the Army, I learned how to use and respect my rifle.” As he says it, he assembles a weapon on a table.

He brings up his time in Afghanistan, his history in the state legislature as a supporter of the Second Amendment, and the usefulness of background checks in preventing terrorists from getting ahold of weapons.

The NRA is displeased…

…maybe because he finishes the ad by saying, “I approve this message because I’d like to see Senator Blunt do this,” then whipping off the blindfold and holding onto the fully assembled rifle.

[image via screengrab]

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