More Holiday Songs! The Tonight Show‘s Max Weinberg Sings For Orrin Hatch on Hanukkah

At this point, who hasn’t written a song for the holiday season with some sort of Jew-related punchline? The latest in the canon comes courtesy of Max Weinberg from the Tonight Show, singing a response to Orrin Hatch‘s “Eight Days of Hannukah” — a song by a Mormon for the Jews. Weinberg and the Tonight Show decided to return the favor with a song by a Jew for the Mormons. Here it is:

A few takeaways: Katherine Heigl‘s a Mormon? Also, wow were they careful with these lyrics. Also, I think “The Mormon Tapper-Nacle Choir” was created for the Tonight Show, as I cannot find a web presence for them, which is sad because they were sort of awesome. Also, a fact-checking nit: Max Weinberg isn’t the Tonight Show’s only Jew — at least not if you include the writer’s room, since this song was written by Rob Kutner and Todd Levin, according to Kutner’s Facebook page, which I’ll link to because thanks to Mark Zuckerberg it’s public, anyway. But I don’t think it would surprise anyone to learn that the Tonight Show had a few Jews in the writer’s room. Now a song for women, on the other hand

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