MOSTLY TRUE: Politifact’s Official Twitter Account Is Posting Bonkers Haikus


Politifact is objectively great because it is an even nerdier Snopes. The bipartisan fact-checking site is known for issuing rulings on the honesty of politicians’ statements. From true to mostly true, false to pants on fire, and everything in between, we turn to Politifact when we want a thorough breakdown of a pol’s trustworthiness.

Except when we turn to them for haikus?

Look at what is happening on their Twitter right now:

It appears that their website is down:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.17.35 PM

Of course, the people still need their Politifacts, so the social media team came up with an idea:

Sadly, their formatting is a little shaky. Claims that they are well-versed in haikus would be rated “mostly true” on account of this:

That’s poetic justice for ya!

[image via Twitter]

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