Journalists Bash PolitiFact For New Reader Advocate: A Politician Who Once Threatened a Reporter [UPDATED]

PolitiFact’s Website Crashes During Trump’s Lie-Filled State of the Union Address

Trump Falsely Claims Two-Day Late JFK Files Release Was ‘Long Ahead of Schedule’

‘His Lies Are Different and Deserve Scrutiny’: Stelter Says Trump’s Deceptions Unlike Past Presidents

So You Want to Clamp Down on Fake News. Who Decides What’s Fake?

Politifact Gives Trump ‘Pants on Fire’ Rating for Claims of Mass Voter Fraud

Here’s the Super-Secret Reason There’s No Recording of Hillary Clinton’s FBI Interview

Politifact Writer Debunks Lies About Hillary, Then Declares ‘Both Sides’ Are Egregious

PolitiFact Says Clinton’s Claims About the ‘Trump Effect’ of Bullying in Schools Are Mostly True

PolitiFact Analyzed the Sound Waves of a Hillary Clinton Speech to Debunk a GOP Attack

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Lying, The Fact-Checkers Are

PolitiFact’s Assault Rifle Fact-Check Is Short on Actual Facts

MOSTLY TRUE: Politifact’s Official Twitter Account Is Posting Bonkers Haikus

Politifact Checks Amy Schumer’s ‘Welcome to the Gun Show’ Sketch and Rules It Half True

Politifact Rules It’s Now Objectively False to Call Transgender Women Men

PolitiFact Gives Trump the Full ‘Pants on Fire’ for Claiming Michelle Fields Changed Her Story

Poll: Fox News Most Trusted Source for ‘News or Commentary’

Politifact Backs Up Colbert: Scalia Really Was Funniest Justice

Bernie Sanders Earns ‘False’ From Politifact For Claiming He Polls Better Than Hillary Vs. GOP

PolitiFact Gives Wasserman Schultz a ‘False’ Rating for ‘Very Disingenuous’ Debate Claim

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