MSNBC’s Brian Williams Mocked For Suggesting Viewers Take Credit For Others Work


Brian Williams is getting dragged on Twitter after he seemed to suggest that people should repost other people’s stuff and take credit for it.

Earlier today, the MSNBC anchor was reviewing photos of the storm surge that Hurricane Irma has caused in Florida. Williams discouraged people from going out in the harsh conditions, but at one point actually said “forward this picture on Instagram, pretend you shot it and pretend its yours. We’ll look the other way.”

Now, Williams’ remarks were almost certainly intended as a joke but, uh, for Williams who was suspended from NBC in 2015 for embellishing his own reporting about the Iraq War, it’s the sort of comment that will draw unwanted attention.

Not surprisingly, many weighed in:

For Williams, there are going to be certain topics that have become off limits as a result of his own experiences. . or lack thereof. This one likely falls squarely into that category.
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