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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Trolls Manafort: ‘I Haven’t Had the FBI Raid My House’

After a pretty dead episode of Morning Slow — bereft of both Mika and Joe — things got a bit spicier on MSNBC’s 9 a.m. hour with Stepahnie Ruhle.

Ruhle and her panel dug into the news of Paul Manafort’s home being raided by the FBI with evident relish.

“Paul Manafort knows and may have always known that Donald Trump and his family are not to be trusted and although they want loyalty they never show it,” said former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. “So at some point, if they continue to do this to him, he will look to save his own skin.”

The concern trolling was not lost on this Senior Editor.

“When the feds got you, they got you, you’re just botched in,” said another guest on set. The camera panned to MSNBC regular Elise Jordan who sported a wide grin.

“They’ll get you on something” said Quinn coming in for the layup.

“If I’m Paul Manafort — maybe he’s a bigger person than I am — I’d be pretty angry that President Trump doesn’t give me any respect for securing the nomination for him. Trump would not be president without Paul Manafort,” said Jordan, whose grin spread into full blown smile.

Host Stephanie Ruhle, content to mostly marinate in the spectacle, ended things by responsibly reminding viewers that so far this was all speculation. “We do have to remind you, Paul Manafort has not been charged with any crimes to date,” she said.

But she couldn’t resit a parting shot.

“I haven’t had the FBI raid my house anytime recently.”

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