Must See TV: Glenn Beck And The ‘Fatty Fat Fat Pie’


Glenn Beck did not waste a whole lot of time on his show last night rehashing his Eric Massa interview, nevertheless it was fairly clear the “tickle fight” experience had ramped up his, um…Beckness. Instead, last night’s target were, in no particular order: the government land grab in the west of places especially rich in natural resources (when the Russians come down through Alaska after our government has collapsed who will be there to protect it?!); Woody Guthrie’s song ‘This Land Is Your Land‘ (communist indoctrination…also so ridiculous it made me wonder whether Massa had left Beck feeling desperate); President Obama banning fishing (he isn’t, but it gave Beck the opportunity to use an Andy Griffith clip). He was, to put it mildly, on a slightly unhinged tear.

But all this was merely a lead up to last night’s highlight: the “fatty fat fat pie.” The pie in question is the ‘twice-fried cherry pie’ from a Brooklyn restaurant called The Chip Shop (if you ever go there make sure to have the deep fried Mars Bar). The menu states that the pie has been banned by New York State, presumably as part of their saturated fats ban. IT IS A PIE TOO FAR. Especially combined with the rumored (and unlikely) salt ban someone in Albany just proposed, also, Bloomberg’s plan to tax soda. I encourage you to watch the entire clip, it’s one of the better ones in recent memory, and then reflect on the restraint Beck showed during the Massa interview.

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