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GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold Used Taxpayer Money to Settle $84,000 Sexual Harassment Claim

Secret Payouts Revealed! Congress Paid Dem Rep’s Harrassment Accusers Almost $100K in Hush Money

Rachel Maddow Adds Rep. Weiner To Clinton-Inspired Sex Scandal Chart

Glenn Beck Calls For Anthony Weiner’s Resignation: ‘Is There No Shame Left In America?’

The View From Chicago: Rahm Overlooks The Small Stuff (Again)

Five Recent Career-Threatening Profiles Or Interviews – And Their Results

David Weigel: Handling Of Souder Staffer Affair Shows GOP Is ‘Better At Politics’ Than Democrats

Is Glenn Beck Losing His Audience? (Or Merely His Mojo)

Thankfully, Somebody Tweets About Current Events In Limerick Form

New Reports Say Eric Massa Guilty Of Far More Than Just ‘Salty’ Language

George Will: Massa ‘Weirdness’ Spells Trouble For Dems In November

Blago Defends Rahm Emanuel Over Naked Shower Encounter With Eric Massa

Jimmy Fallon Gets Ahead Of SNL With Massa Sketch

Nancy Pelosi To Maddow: Bart Stupak Is “A Valued Member Of Congress”

Must See TV: Glenn Beck And The ‘Fatty Fat Fat Pie’

Jon Stewart Skewers Glenn Beck’s Massa Interview: Like Opening Al Capone’s Vault

Countdown Devotes 60% Of Show To Eric Massa, Snorkeling And Homophobia?

Glenn Beck: Can We Officially Call It ‘Tickle Fight Tuesday’? (Update)

Massa Fallout: Arianna Declares Sympathy For Glenn Beck

“Bullcrap! Bullcrap, Sir!”: Glenn Beck Is NOT Tickled By His Interview With Eric Massa

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