Mystery Firm Donates $1 Million To Pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC, Then Dissolves


A company called W Spann LLC, formed on March 15th, has dissolved shortly after making a $1 million contribution on April 28th to Restore Our Future, a committee organized in support of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. According to corporate records obtained by NBC News, the business was formed by Boston-based lawyer Cameron Casey who, as she notes in her online bio on her employer’s website, specializes in “comprehensive estate planning advice to high-net-worth individuals and families.”

The company was dissolved on July 12th, two weeks before Restore Our Future made its first campaign filing. A spokesperson for Ropes & Gray, the law firm for which Casey works, told NBC News that “the firm won’t be making any comment on this matter at this time.” Also noteworthy: Rope & Gray represents Bain Capital, an investment firm formerly headed by Romney.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that the company’s purported address in midtown Manhattan has no records of such a tenant.

A little more about Restore Our Future: The “super PAC,” which maintains that it functions as a separate entity from Romney’s official campaign, was founded by three of Romney’s former political aides. A glance at the group’s website shows no mention of Romney specifically and instead simply notes that “It is time that we restore our future by supporting candidates who have worked in the private sector and created jobs, who understand the economy, and who believe in America, American workers, and American values.” It also claims that it is “Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

Then again, as NBC points out, Charles R. Spies, the group’s treasurer and Romney’s general counsel during his 2008 presidential bid, made it clear to The Washington Post that the super PAC has a very clear, definite goal:

This is an independent effort focused on getting Romney elected president. We will do that by focusing on jobs and his ability to fix the economy.


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