New Clinton Ad Features Woman Who Was Denied Housing by Trump Corporation for Being Black


Meet Mae Wiggins. She is a woman of color who was told by the Trump Corporation that there were no apartments available for her to rent. When she took her suspicions that they were lying to her over to the New York Human Rights Commission, they sent a white couple, per the standard practice of the time, to the property only to learn that there were, in fact, vacancies and the white couple was more than welcome to rent one of the units.

Among the many shocking claims in Hillary Clinton‘s latest ad, which features Wiggins, viewers learn that after Donald Trump took over the business from his father, Trump personnel were instructed to write a “C” for “colored” on the housing application of any non-white prospective tenant. That came from Elyse Goldweber, an attorney on the Justice Department’s eventual case against Trump. A New York Times piece from August revealed that Trump’s father, Fred Trump, simply dealt with applications from people of color by instructing his staff to put them in a drawer and leave them there.

“The proof was so clear that the Justice Department was able to obtain a strong consent decree, explained Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, the former chair of the NYC Human Rights Commission, of the suit that was brought against the Trumps in 1973, ten years after Wiggins’ says her ordeal took place. “It is functionally the same as being found guilty of discrimination, except you don’t have to admit discrimination.”

Trump and his father settled the suit. As Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine went on to say in the ad, that didn’t stop the behavior at the organization. A few years later, the Justice Department had to file a motion against Trump’s firm once again. As our friends at LawNewz have pointed out, the DOJ’s housing discrimination suit against the Trumps was unprecedented in size.

“He is not worthy of becoming president of this country,” asserted Wiggins, who dabbed tears from her eyes when retelling the story of being denied housing by the company.

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