New Ice Bucket Challenge Involves #FeelingNuts; Yeah, It’s for Testicular Cancer

Now that the summer of ice buckets is over, it’s time for autumn — crackling leaves, warm scarves, and grabbing one’s testicles to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Yep, fall is Crotch Grab Challenge season.

All your favorite male celebrities and friends will soon be tweeting out the hashtag #FeelingNuts, as well as a photo of themselves grabbing their testicles, thanks to the efforts of Check One Two, a fairly simple advocacy group with one goal: get men to actively screen themselves for testicular cancer. (Here is how to do it properly.)

While there’s no money or donating involved, the simple act of grabbing one’s testes to check for unexpected lumps will probably save millions of lives in the process. Seriously, it’s super easy to treat if caught early and has a 100% survival rate if caught in the early stages.

So far, Hugh Jackman (above), Ricky Gervais, and William Shatner have all participated, and, since this involves socially acceptable ball-grabbing, we anticipate this is going to blow up.

[h/t Jezebel]
[Image via Twitter/Hugh Jackman]

[Correction: This post previously misidentified the cause as prostate cancer, not testicular cancer.]

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