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New John Edwards Rumors Make Andrew Young As Relevant As Ever

Just like last week, former John Edwards aide Andrew Young was back on cable news to talk about the latest revelations in the Edwards soap opera, including reports the former Senator may now be engaged to Rielle Hunter.

But that’s not all! Young was on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss everything Edwards-related.

Yesterday Young turned over the supposed sex tape featuring John Edwards to a judge, and now there’s a new lawsuit potentially on the table. “Andrew Young said Elizabeth Edwards has threatened to sue him for contributing to the downfall of their marriage,” reports the Washington Post. The basis would be the “alienation of affection” law in North Carolina.

“I think it’s very odd they filed this suit the day before my book came out, and they didn’t do anything for two years,” said Young to F&F’s Gretchen Carlson.

Before Young got to responding to the National Enquirer story about Edwards’ marriage proposal to Hunter, he brought along some new (“exclusive!”) voicemails. One, from Hunter, supposedly was a call to Edwards after he had just gotten off the air talking about Elizabeth on CNN. “‘My wife is my moral leader?'” said Hunter, repeating a line Edwards had said. “We’re all going to hell.”

As for the engagement story: “I have no idea if it’s true, me and my family did live with Rielle for eight months, if it is true I wish the Senator the best of luck.”

Andrew Young, best man?

Here’s today’s Fox & Friends interview:

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