John Edwards

Maher: If GOP Can Excuse Trump’s Behavior, Why Can’t Democrats Rehabilitate Anthony Weiner?

Clinton Supporters: Criticizing Hillary For Wearing a $12,000 Jacket is Sexist

Nicolle Wallace’s TV Career Shows Sarah Palin Can Still Strike a Nerve

Fox News Launches Inexplicable 8-Minute Attack On Salon’s Joan Walsh

Rielle Hunter Tells Piers Morgan: ‘I’m Absolutely Sorry For Any Pain’ I Caused Elizabeth Edwards

Rielle Hunter In New Book: The Sex Tape Was John Edwards’ Idea

In Uncomfortable Interview, Rielle Hunter Reveals She And John Edwards Have Split

Rielle Hunter Alleges She Was Not John Edwards’ Only Mistress

Prosecutors Decide Not To Retry John Edwards

John Edwards On His Trial: I Didn’t Do Anything Illegal, But ‘Awful, Awful Lot That Was Wrong’

Dan Abrams: ‘I Don’t Think There’s A Chance’ John Edwards Takes The Stand

Bob Beckel’s Silver Tongue Strikes Again On The Five: Joy Behar Is ‘Ugly As Sin’

Bill Maher New Rule: ‘Why Do We Punish Sex So Much More Than Anything Else?’

The Dirtier Minds On The Five Lose It After Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Accidental ‘Sex’ Joke

The Cruelest Cut Of All: John Edwards Now Goes To Supercuts

NBC’s Lisa Myers: Most ‘Believe This Prosecution [Of John Edwards] Is A Waste Of Taxpayer Money’

John Edwards’ Name Turns Up In ‘Millionaire Madam’ Investigation

(Updated) John Edwards Asks Judge Not To Destroy His Sex Tape With Rielle Hunter…Or Not

FEC Report: Rep. Bachmann Spent Nearly $4,700 On Hair And Makeup Since June

Daily Beast Profile: John Edwards Spends Most Of His Time In The Cemetery These Days

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