New Royal Baby Shares Name with Clinton Granddaughter — What Does It All Mean?!


This morning, Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge formally announced the birth of a new Royal Baby™, an 8-pound 3-ounce little bundle of joy named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

According to The Guardian, the name of the new Princess honors multiple members of the British Royal Family: “Elizabeth” for her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, “Diana” after her paternal grandmother, the late and beloved Princess Diana, and “Charlotte” for — oh my god it can’t be!


Obviously the Royal Family named their daughter after the Clinton Royal Baby.

We’re kvelling here. There can’t be two royal babies named “Charlotte”. There just cannot be. This is almost dynastic. This is, like, Hapsburg-level dynasties, but without all the inbreeding. To think, we could live in a world with two Queen Charlottes!

In all seriousness, The Guardian mentions that “Charlotte” is more likely a feminized version of “Charles”, which also happens to be tthe name of Prince William’s father and the current heir to the throne, as well as a throwback to numerous other Charlottes in the House of Windsor. But the coincidence is just too weird.

(Quick poll: In the grand scheme of things, which Charlotte is Blue Ivy, and which one is North West?)

[Image via Chelsea Clinton/Kensington Palace]

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