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Chelsea Clinton

Bill Clinton Calls Out Trump Immigration Policies in Somber Father’s Day Message: ‘Children Should Not Be a Negotiating Tool’

CNN’s Paris Dennard Calls Chelsea Clinton ‘Rude’ For Encouraging Anti-Trump Protests in the UK

Lara Trump Slams NBC For Grilling Ivanka About Dad’s Accusers: ‘Incredibly Inappropriate’

Fox News’ Outnumbered: Why Isn’t Chelsea Clinton Being Asked About Her Dad’s Accusers?

Chelsea Clinton Congratulates Mom For Speaking Out on Sex Harassment — a Decade Later

Bill Maher: ‘Free Speech Is Under Attack From Both Sides’

Trump Denies Calling The White House A Dump: ‘TOTALLY UNTRUE’

Jason Chaffetz on Jared Kushner Senate Interview: What About Chelsea Clinton?

Fox News Contributor: ‘Soulless’ Hillary Clinton ‘Would Literally Sell Her Daughter to Be President’

Krauthammer on Ivanka Sitting In on G20 Session: ‘We’re Not a Monarchy’

Fox News Anchor: Ivanka Trump Qualified to Sit at G20 Because Her Merchandise Is ‘Hot Online’

If Chelsea Had Sat In For Hillary at G20, Conservative Media Would Have Absolutely Freaked

Chelsea Clinton Blasts Steve Bannon for ‘Fat Shaming’ Sean Spicer

The Women of The View  Push For Clinton/Clinton ’20 Ticket During Chelsea’s Visit

‘This Is Vile and Wrong’: Chelsea Clinton Tears Into Kathy Griffin Over Beheaded Trump Photo

GOP Rep. Responds to Chelsea Clinton: Maybe She Wants to Run for Office to ‘Do Better Than Her Mommy’

SNL Star Jabs at Hillary Clinton Election Loss. . . At Event to Celebrate Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton: Secret Service Protection of Trump’s Family ‘Should Not Be Politicized’

CBS This Morning Asks Chelsea Clinton If She or Her Mother Plan to Run for Office Any Time Soon

Chelsea Clinton: ‘Right Now, No, I’m Not Running for Public Office’

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