Man Who Drunkenly Insulted Judge Online Forced to Read Comments Aloud in Court

JudgeHere’s a teaching moment. Don’t insult a retiring judge online unless you’re damn sure he will be already gone before your court date.

Judge Allen Roberts, of the New Plymouth and Hawera district courts in western New Zealand, is “known for his no-nonsense approach,” according to the Taranaki Daily News. A fact that a resident due in court should perhaps have heeded before drunkenly taking to Facebook to insult him publicly.

Reading in January of his imminent retirement, Facebook user Troy LaRue expressed his desire that Roberts vacant his post before Friday, and further insulted the judge’s elderly visage. Or, in LaRue’s own words:

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LaRue was scheduled to appear in court to answer for unpaid traffic fines, and when he came face-to-face with the judge whom he called a c***, it led to “perhaps the finest court transcript in New Zealand’s long and glorious judicial history,” according to The Spinoff. Portions of that transcript are screengrabbed below.


“Well, all I can say is you got me on that one,” LaRue admitted.

“I got you cold, mate,” said Judge Roberts.

Roberts further accused LaRue of being “indolent” and “bone idle,” and ordered him to “Work off your laughter in the cells while we get the order typed.”

An edited version of the transcript is available on Lowering the Bar and the original raw transcript is available at The Spinoff.

[h/t Lowering the Bar]

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