News Team Takes to the Streets to Ask Kids If They Know What a VCR Is


We are at an interesting point in history where many of us remember wildly outdated technology that was cutting edge a mere two decades ago. Even though out great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents all used regular landlines, for instance, people just a little younger than I am were born in an era where those were already pretty obsolete. It isn’t kids’ fault that they were born during this major technological boom, but there tends a lot of hand-wringing about their inability to recognize vinyl records, typewriters, and other modern-ish relics.

Fox 29 in Philadelphia decided to test whether today’s kids could recognize a VCR in honor of National VCR Day. Again, it isn’t their fault that in their lifetimes, VCRs were already replaced by DVDs, which gave way to Blu-Rays, which gave way to streaming and on-demand downloads, but it is still funny to see them try to guess what the large contraption before them is.

Props to Mike Jerrick for heading out with that DVD player, speaker, stereo, radio, copier behemoth in tow and additional props to the Fox 29 graphics department for getting back to their blocky 90s transition roots like it was cool to have clunky segues between segments just yesterday!

Ultimately, the news team learned that kids over 10 years old had the better chance of recognizing the device, but it still took 20 minutes to find one who actually knew what it was.

Try not to think about your inevitable mortality tonight, everyone!

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