Newsweek‘s ‘Muslim Rage’ Cover Invites Controversy, Endless Twitter Mockery

Newsweek again made headlines today with its new cover story, “Muslim Rage.” Ayaan Hirsi Ali uses the article as a means to tell us, “How I survived it, how we can end it.” And thus, a controversy was born.

On Twitter, negative reactions flooded in, and quickly — with some criticizing it for overgeneralization and stereotyping, while others deemed it Islamophobic. A few highlights from Storify’s rundown:

Newsweek also asked readers to chime in and discuss the story with the hashtag #MuslimRage. This didn’t go over so well, and turned into a joke of sorts. For example:

The newsweekly, however, stood by its story (via POLITICO):

“This week’s Newsweek cover accurately depicts the events of the past week as violent protests have erupted in the Middle East (including Morocco where the cover image was taken).”

Tina Brown, of course, is no stranger to controversy — with the most recent being Niall Ferguson‘s “Why We Need a New President,” which was quickly attacked for including errors and misrepresentations.

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