comScore Nicolle Wallace: Donald Trump is a ‘Cyberbully’

Nicolle Wallace: Donald Trump is a ‘Cyberbully’

Nicolle Wallace took the stage of Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday evening to talk Trump, her own time in the George W. Bush White House — and that time when former Vice President Dick Cheney shot a man in the face.

As MSNBC’s resident #NeverTrump Republican, Wallace didn’t mince words about her opinion of the 45th President. At once point, she called him a “cyberbully” and suggested his online persona was petulant and childlike.

“The FBI Director used to be an untouchable job. You didn’t attack the FBI Director,” she said speaking of ex-Director James Comey. “We now have a president who calls him a crazy loon with a bunch of Russians, who taunts him on Twitter.”

She continued.

“You can’t treat people on Twitter the way the president treats former officials of his government without getting kicked out of most private and public schools. I mean he’s a cyberbully. So all the conduct is so unprecedented.”

The comments came at the tail end of the interview which you can watch above.

Wallace also made it known that she didn’t feel bad for Sean Spicer or anyone else working in the White House.

“No one should feel sorry for anyone in the White House. Those are the best jobs on the planet,” she said. “And you don’t just work for the guy who’s elected. The public is allowed to walk through it because it is the people’s house.”

Still, Wallace said that Spicer’s unique frustrations were different from what she faced during the Bush years and suggested that the White House press briefings were essentially about “nothing” and had a certain Seinfeld-like quality to them.

Watch above and also below for the full interview.

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