Nikki Haley Booed After Attending LGBT Pride Lunch

Former South Carolina governor and current UN ambassador Nikki Haley said she was heckled by protesters saying “hateful things” after she and her son were departing an LGBT Pride Parade lunch in New York City on Sunday.

“Our country is better than this,” Haley said in a tweet shortly after the incident, adding the hashtag #HateNeverWins

It is unclear where Haley was dining and the extent of her involvement with the parade festivities. Also unknown are the exact nature of the remarks said to Haley and her son. The ambassador has so far declined to elaborate on her original claims since tweeting more than 11 hours ago.

Haley’s service in New York City comes during the first Pride parade of the Trump presidency. As a representative of the White House, the ambassador was likely a polarizing figure at the event, where her presence presumably sparked the vitriol directed to her.

On margin, however, Haley has appeared to be living up her time in NYC after escaping the day-to-day toils of a southern governor.

A glancing look at her Twitter account states the case.

[image via screengrab]

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