NRA Responds to Gun Safety Proposal by Putting Lawmakers’ Faces Next to Bullets


Given the National Rifle Association’s reaction today to President Obama‘s speech about his executive action on gun control, it might not be a surprise that they were unimpressed with two New York lawmakers’ support for a plan to limit ammunition purchases.

What might be more interesting is that they responded by taking pictures of State Sen. Roxanne Persaud and Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon, and ominously tweeted a graphic putting their headshots next to bullets.

The image was released via NRA publication, America’s 1st Freedom, and included a letter where editor Mark Chestnut said Persaud and Simon “simply don’t care about” how much ammo gun owners need.

“Unfortunately, the anti-gun climate in New York requires that we all take it seriously,” Chestnut wrote. “New York gun owners should make sure their representatives know how strongly they oppose this ridiculous assault on their rights.”

Persaud spoke to the NY Daily News about the incident, where she ripped the picture’s “potential to cause harm,” if someone decided to act upon it.

“I think it is irresponsible in the times that we are living in to place a target around someone,” Persaud said. “By placing someone’s picture with bullets next to them you are playing on the fears of people.”

Persuad, Simon and various other politicians also ended up taking to Twitter to condemn the image.

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