NY Times Columnist Calls Chuck Grassley’s Soros Conspiracy ‘An Anti-Semitic Smear’


New York Times columnist David Leonhardt accused Republican Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) of pushing “an anti-Semitic smear” after the Senate Judiciary Chairman accused liberal billionaire philanthropist George Soros of staging the protests against Brett Kavanaugh.

“Let’s be clear here: Charles Grassley is a United States Senator. He is responsible for his words,” Leonhardt wrote in response to a Fox Business interivew in-which Grassley makes the Soros claims. “And his words here amount to an anti-Semitic smear.”

When asked about the possibility of Soros involvement in the demonstrations against Kavanaugh and senators who are supporting or are not opposing the nominee, Grassley said, “I have heard so many people believe that [Soros is involved]. I tend to believe it.”

“I believe it fits in his attack mold that he has and how he uses his billions and billions of resources I think it promotes incivility in American society,” he added.

President Donald Trump repeated the conspiracy on Twitter shortly after Grassley made the claims.

Leonhardt accused Grassley of anti-semitism because Soros is often used as a scapegoat on the right and far-right to blame nearly everything they oppose on. Given that Soros is Jewish, claims of his involvement in American politics go hand-in-hand with conspiracies about Jews secretly controlling the world’s political systems. These conspiracies have become increasingly popular with the rise of the racist conservative movement known as the alt-right.

Many in media have suggested that scapegoating Soros is actually a dog whistling attempt to blame Jews as a whole over for whatever new controversy the right is tying the billionaire to.

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