NYT: One of Napolitano’s GCHQ Sources Was Someone Who Once Pushed Michelle Obama Hoax


A report from The New York Times tonight says that one of the sources Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano cited for his claim of GCHQ surveillance of Trump that sparked a national incident this week came from someone who once pushed a Michelle Obama hoax.

Just to review, earlier this week Napolitano said, citing three sources, that British intel agency GCHQ surveilled Trump on behalf of Barack Obama. Sean Spicer mentioned this report at the Thursday press briefing, GCHQ called it nonsense in a subsequent statement, and today Trump did not back down, simply saying that people should check with Fox.

Two of Fox’s news anchors said the network cannot confirm Napolitano’s remarks, and tonight the Times reported on who one of Napolitano’s sources turned out to be:

[Larry] Johnson, who was himself once a Fox News contributor, said in a telephone interview that Mr. Napolitano called him on Friday and requested that he speak to The New York Times. Mr. Johnson said he was one of the sources for Mr. Napolitano’s claim about British intelligence.

Mr. Johnson became infamous in political circles after he spread false rumors in 2008 that Michelle Obama had been videotaped using a slur against Caucasians. In the interview on Friday, Mr. Johnson acknowledged his notoriety, but said that his knowledge of surveillance of Mr. Trump came from sources in the American intelligence community. Mr. Napolitano, he said, heard about his information through an intermediary.

“It sounds like a Frederick Forsythe novel,” Mr. Johnson said.

(The slur in question they’re referring to is “whitey.” You may remember this hoax from the brief bit of attention it got during the ’08 campaign.)

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