Omarosa Hits Joy Behar With a Low Blow About Finding Happiness in Her Life


It’s clear that when Omarosa Manigault stepped onto the set of ABC’s The View Friday, she was more or less walking into enemy territory. After all, the majority of the panel is comprised of admittedly liberal voices, but the conversation still devolved from civil to downright nasty in the span of a few minutes.

As Omarosa defended the first week of the Trump administration by deflecting from tough question after tough question, Joy Behar interjected to ask her point blank, “Can we see [the President’s] tax returns, do you think?” to wild applause from the crowd.

“I’m not going to fall for that,” Omarosa meekly managed. She then quickly pivoted to address her soon-to-be husband in the audience instead of answering Behar’s pointed question, and earned a round of applause from the crowd about their love.

But then, without warning or prompt, Omarosa ended the segment by turning to Behar and saying:

And I hope that you one day could find that kind of joy, Joy, in your life.

The ABC audience was having none of it, issuing loud boos to the longtime Trump ally in response. Sunny Hostin came to the defense of her colleague immediately, invoking the Michelle Obama quote, “When they go low, we go high!”

Behar’s quick-witted comedic timing snapped right into action. “That’s right, and I feel like I could get high right now.” For the record, Behar is, in fact, married, and has been since last year to Steve Janowitz, her partner for nearly three decades.

Watch above via ABC’s The View.

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