On MSNBC, Ann Coulter Trashes Fox News for ‘Arrogant’ Trump Statement

tLooking for more 2016 election mindf*cks? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you conservative pundit Ann Coulter appearing on MSNBC to trash Fox News.

Like Trump, she is not happy about Fox’s sarcastic PR statement responding to Trump, telling Chris Matthews it was “smart-alecky” and shows “a little bit of arrogance” from Fox News.

She called it “insulting to voters” and suggested that maybe Fox News isn’t that great a home for conservatives after all.

Coulter disagreed with Trump going after Megyn Kelly as forcefully as he did, though she does have an issue with that original debate question––the one that set Trump off against her in the first place––about his misogynistic comments because those were “silly things he said in fun” while he was in the entertainment business.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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