Patton Oswalt: Bill Cosby Probably Raped ‘Hundreds’ of Women


Among everyone in the comedy community, Patton Oswalt has been one of the most vocal critics of Bill Cosby, at least since Hannibal Buress inadvertently helped bring the decades-old rape allegations against the comedian into the national spotlight.

For instance, in just the last couple of weeks, Oswalt has tweeted this:

And this:

And this:

But during a conversation with Pete Holmes on the You Made it Weird podcast Oswalt really let loose on Cosby, getting serious to talk about how devastating his alleged actions are against the numerous women who have come forward.

“The Bill Cosby thing is so fucking awful,” Oswalt said. “And what’s worse, I think, for comedians is a lot of us have known it for a long, fucking time. It was a very badly-kept secret in the comedian world.”

Oswalt said what really drives him “fucking crazy” about what Cosby did is that he targeted women who were young and “on this upswing” in their careers. “And this awful thing happens, and they can never talk about it,” he said, leaving their lives destroyed while Cosby “doesn’t lose a second of sleep over it.”

If a little over a dozen women have come forward at this point, Oswalt said “that means that there’s hundreds… If you see one cockroach, there’s a thousand in your house.”

Oswalt compared the Cosby situation to how he felt watching George W. Bush at the end of his presidency. “Everything is being taken away from him, but at the worst, he lives in comfy seclusion for the last years of his life,” he said. “He lives in luxurious exile.”

“That is one of the horrors of life,” he said.

Listen to audio below, via You Made It Weird:

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