Patton Oswalt

Comedian Patton Oswalt Raises Money for Trump Fan Who Trolled Him After Learning of Health Crisis

Patton Oswalt Skewers Ted Cruz For Trying to Use ‘Pop Culture’ to Reach the Youth: ‘I’m Angry’

Sam Clovis Withdraws From USDA Nomination — And Here Are Twitter’s Best Jokes

James Woods Stole Patton Oswalt’s Shoe During His Anti-Trump WGA Monologue

A Real Estate Agent Was Fired For Going After Patton Oswalt on Twitter

Patton Oswalt Has Ideas for What to do Instead of Watching The Inauguration

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Deletes Tweet Falsely Accusing Trump of Deleting Embarrassing Tweets

Patton Oswalt: Campaigning Through Pneumonia is ‘Badass’

Patton Oswalt and Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Duke it Out in Epic Twitter Duel

Patton Oswalt Posts Powerful Note 102 Days After The Death of His Wife: ‘Thanks, Grief’

Sam Bee, Patton Oswalt Team Up to Rip ‘Conception Deception’ of Pregnancy Crisis Centers

Wife of Comedian Patton Oswalt Found Dead in LA Home

Patton Oswalt and Ben Shapiro Go Off in Explosive Twitter War on Anti-Semitism

Jennifer Lawrence and Others Put On a Hilarious Live Read of The Big Lebowski

Patton Oswalt: Joss Whedon Chased off Twitter by ‘Progressive Tea Party’

Patton Oswalt Welcomes Trevor Noah to Outrage Twitter in 53-Part Mock-Tweetstorm

The 9 Best Quotes from Patton Oswalt’s ‘Peace Summit’ with Salon

Selma Snubbed by Oscar Voters, Angry Reactions Pour in

Patton Oswalt on Salon’s Defense of Charlie Hebdo’s Satire: ‘Nice of You to Finally Admit It’

Patton Oswalt: Sites Like Salon Have ‘Become Fox News,’ Hurt Progressives

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