People Preparing Investigative Cover on Kelly Rutherford’s Ex ‘He Destroyed People’s Lives’


Kelly Rutherford has been a source of media coverage this past week after the actress was accused of child abduction by her ex husband. She had initially refused to return her children to their father living in Europe when no American court could claim jurisdiction to enforce any of the existing custody orders. This is the latest development in her long, bitter custody battle with ex-husband Daniel Giersch, a German citizen. In a highly controversial 2012 ruling, a California court ordered the American born kids to Europe after Giersch’s American visa was revoked. That opinion also required Giersch to continue to attempt to return to the United States, something he has apparently failed to do.

In July, that California court determined it no longer had jurisdiction to enforce its own order and a New York court also refused to enforce that California order. But when Rutherford announced she would not return the kids without further guidance from the courts, another New York judge stepped in and required Rutherford to send her children back to Monaco on Tuesday alongside their paternal grandmother.

On MSNBC this weekend, People Magazine’s Dana Kennedy raised numerous questions about Daniel Giersch’s background. She was asked about why so little is known about Giersch, to which, Kennedy said he was a mysterious man who is shrouded in rumors. Kennedy said that Giersch has a reputation for “destroying people’s lives,” with a series of trademark lawsuits, and said that its odd that he could’ve even gotten a work visa to live in the U.S. when so little was known about his business life at the time.

“It’s difficult to go on the record and say anything completely clear because everything about him is so unclear,” Kennedy said. Kennedy finished the report by confirming that People was preparing an investigative cover to address the stranger aspects of his background.

You can watch the report here:

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