Piers Morgan: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Should ‘Shut the F*ck Up’


Piers-Morgan-1Never one to back down from a chance to give his thoughts, Piers Morgan wrote at column for the Daily Mail saying that that the best way for Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s relatives to respect her passing is by “[shutting] the **** up.”

Morgan began his piece by writing about his coverage of Brown’s mother, Whitney Houston, and how friends and family all traded insults, accusations and royalty claims following her death. Morgan wrote about how that behavior and Houston’s drug-related death showed how celebrity culture turns such events into a “desperately sad circus” where everyone wants a piece of the fame.”

“A perfect embodiment of what so many superstar lives sadly become – a soulless, greed-infested shark pool of self-interested groupies, hangers-on and ruthless relatives,” Morgan described. “Fame is an all-corroding illness. It changes people, and those around them. For the worse, rarely the better.

Morgan continued to say that while he was watching Kristina’s funeral procession, he was angered to see that the same “vultures” in the crowds who took part in Houston’s funeral:

“The same family members arguing with each other, the same friends and pretend friends squabbling over who knew her best, the same vile cesspit of salacious, heartless bulls**t. Where were all these ‘caring’ people when it really mattered?”

Morgan concluded by saying that he found the supposed family drama around Kristina’s death to be “pathetic,” saying, “the single best tribute that any of this family can now pay to Whitney and Bobbi Kristina is to shut the **** up.”

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