Politifact Checks Amy Schumer’s ‘Welcome to the Gun Show’ Sketch and Rules It Half True


The supposed ease with which any old person in America can buy a gun has been brought up time and time again. When President Barack Obama announced his executive actions on gun control, they were said to be a direct challenge to the so-called “gun show loophole,” which is a way for buyers to get guns from unlicensed sellers without undergoing a background check.

Big-time gun control advocate Amy Schumer recently performed a skit on her show that took aim at the “loophole.” Called “Welcome to the Gun Show,” Schumer’s skit had her cast as the eager hostess of a home shopping network who was ready and willing to sell guns to someone who admitted to having violent felonies.

She got the Politifact treatment for that. Researcher Lauren Carroll wrote, “the law does not require a dealer’s license for private hobbyists and others who occasionally buy and sell guns,” but pointed out that it is still illegal for a private seller or hobbyist to furnish someone with a gun if they have reason to believe that person has a felonious history. She said this:

So in the case of Schumer’s show, she and her co-host would not have that cushion of plausible deniability because the hopeful buyer told them outright that he is a felon. The giant “gun show” banner doesn’t make a difference.

She also pointed out that these transactions cannot take place across state lines. Ultimately, she gave Schumer’s skit a rating of “half true.”

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