PolitiFact: Juan Williams Was Right About Older White GOPers Pushing Impeachment


Things got tense on Fox News Sunday yesterday morning, when Fox political analyst Juan Williams rebutted Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham‘s charges of Obama’s “lawlessness” (which variously tees up John Boehner‘s lawsuit or impeachment) thusly:

“If you just break it down as a matter of political analysis and say who is this group [calling for impeachment], it reminds me that the Republican Party has become almost a completely white party…The people who want him impeached are all white, they’re all older, and guess what — they’re all in the far right wing of the Republican Party.”

Needham quickly called this “ridiculous.” But PunditFact, a division of PolitiFact, looked at Williams’ claim Monday and rated it “mostly true.” The site found Williams went overboard by saying “all” impeachment pushers are older, white, and conservative, but had no trouble locating polls supporting Williams’ point:

The publicly available polling shows that the people who support impeachment are more likely to be white, conservative and older. In one poll, about a third of the public supported impeachment, while about two-thirds of tea partiers said they did. In another, 40 percent of whites supported impeachment compared to 10 percent of African-Americans.

Did Williams notice their finding? Yeah, he did:

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