Pot Is Now Legal in Oregon And Everyone Is Getting High

weedAs of October 1, Oregon became the next state to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes, and the first week’s worth of sales are off the charts.

According to the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association, weed dispensaries brought in $10.8 million in weed the first week. Although customers can buy an unlimited amount of plant seeds, the sale of bud is limited to one-quarter ounce per day.

Casey Houlihan, the Association’s executive director, says that these figures out of Oregon far exceeded those of Washington and Colorado, the other two states of legalization.

Estimates for the sale of pot in Oregon are expected to stay sky ‘high’, and will continue being sold tax-free through the end of 2015.

It’s a good thing for Oregon residents that their governor is Democrat Kate Brown, and not several of the GOP candidates running for President. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie especially has made a point on this campaign trail to share his critical views on marijuana. This summer he told Colorado residents to “enjoy it while you can“, indicating the staunch anti-drug laws that would be imposed under a Christie administration.

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