Power Grid Update – Rejoice!



The Power Grid has been updated!

It’s only one week old, and the Power Grid has already welcomed over 50 new additions. As it says on our FAQ page, and every other Power Grid page for that matter, “If you see anything that’s missing or incorrect, please email us.” And many of you did! Some of you also opted for Twitter. Some of the recommendations came to us from fans, some from media “experts,” some from coworkers; some were recommended by their publicists; and some people asked us straight out. And we were listening. That said, it still has a lot of growing up to do.

Remember! If you can think of anyone missing who should be in here or if you think you should be in here, email powergrid@mediaite.com.

Meanwhile, introducing the newest members of the Power Grid:

Tyra Banks, host of The Tyra Show and the 31st most powerful TV Host or Anchor, that is until she wears a fat suit or does something else of interest…Wine blogger and social media sommelier Gary Vaynerchuk is the 59th most important Newspaper or Online EditorLewis Lapham, former editor of Harper’s, current editor of Lapham’s Quarterly…SNL Weekend Update’s Seth MeyersThe Buzz Machine himself, Media blogger Jeff Jarvis…Young-at-heart Hugh Delehanty, EIC of AARP the Magazine…Gawker‘s Foster Kamer…H.W.’s nephew, Access Hollywood host Billy Bush…Portfolio ex-pat, financial blogger Felix Salmon.

Plus:  Rafat Ali, Edward Nardoza, Jesse Pearson, Mark Graham, Andy McNamara, Jon Friedman, Roger Ebert, Evan Shapiro, Xeni Jardin, Ricky Van Veen, Heather Armstrong, David Sirota, Jen Chung, Lux Alptraum, David Boardman, Robert Scoble, Jessica Coen, Jimmy Traina, Mark Glaser, Brian Gallagher, Andrew Breitbart, Nicholas Carlson, Roger D. Hodge, Leo Laporte, Marvin Scott Jarrett, Liz Smith, Glenn Reynolds, Caroline Miller, Robert Levine, Amber Lee Ettinger, Darren Rovell, Amanda Congdon, Stephen J. Dubner, Peggy Wang, Steven D. Levitt, Noah Robischon, Andru Edwards, Gabe Delahaye, Jason Pontin, Harry Knowles, Ryan Schreiber, Scott Lapatine, Clara Jeffery, Peter Bart, Robert Safian, Monika Bauerlein, and more

Have a tip we should know? tips@mediaite.com

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