Preet Bharara Jokes About Trump’s Crowd Sizes in First Speech Since Firing


After being fired from his job as a U.S. attorney in Manhattan, it looks like Preet Bharara may be considering a career in comedy.

Bharara delivered a speech at The Cooper Union on Thursday, in his first public address since President Trump relieved him of his position a month ago. During this event, Bharara threw out a few zingers that had the crowd in stitches over their distinct resemblance to Trump’s major sensitivity about crowd sizes.

“From where I’m standing, looks to be about one to 1.5 million people,” Bharara joked. “I don’t care what the picture shows. My crowd is much bigger than Obama’s crowd.”

Later in the speech, Bharara talked about the political blowup that happened when Trump fired him, even though the former attorney said he “insisted on” being forced out.

“I will tell you that I don’t really understand why that was such a big deal especially to this White House. I had thought that was what Donald Trump was good at,” Bharara said. The former attorney also joked about how he never saw an episode of The Apprentice where Trump told a contestant “kindly submit your letter of resignation.”

Bharara got serious when he told the audience that he did not begrudge the White House for forcing him to step down. He also warned that Trump will have to do more than rely on campaign rhetoric if he ever wants to have chance at draining the swamp.

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