Trump Throws Biographer Out of Golf Course for Writing About His Divorce Proceedings

trumpDonald Trump decided to go golfing to ring in the new year yesterday, but according to his former biographer, the President-Elect decided to kick him out as punishment for what was written about him in the past.

Harry Hurt III is a former Newsweek reporter and author of Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump. Hurt’s book became the center of one of Trump’s earliest campaign controversies, when a passage was unearthed about how Trump’s ex-wife Ivana said her husband “raped” her in a sworn deposition. This deposition was part of legal talks that took place when Trump separated from his first wife.

In a statement on Facebook, Hurt said that he was at Trump International to play golf alongside major GOP donor David Koch. Hurt approached Trump in order to congratulate him for winning the presidency, but the mogul reportedly responded by slamming Hurt’s biography and complaining about “that sh*t you wrote.”

Hurt stated that what he wrote was “all true,” and that Trump soon summoned his security detail to lead Hurt off the premises. Hurt’s account was corroborated by a transition official who spoke with Politico.

Hurt’s passage drew major attention at the time, particularly after Trump’s special counsel Michael Cohen responded to it by saying “you cannot rape your spouse.” Ivana Trump responded to the passage as well, stating that the story was “totally without merit.”

Read Hurt’s account below

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