Road Rage in Nevada Gets Heated as Truck Driver Pulls Gun on a Biker


Well, that escalated quickly. A dirt biker is “thankful to be alive” after a road rage incident on Saturday came extremely close to escalating to violence.

A video was uploaded this past weekend in which a biker wearing a Go Pro camera and his fellow bikers were heading down the highway to a bike trail. When one of the bikers ran through the dirt next to the road, the driver of a red pickup-truck started flipping them off as he rode alongside them, which prompted the camera-bearing rider to pull up alongside and ask what the problem was.

Things didn’t end up going very well, because the biker tapped on the passenger window, and the guys in the truck decided the best response was to whip out a gun and point it at the biker.

The biker implored for another minute and a half that the men take it easy because he and his fellows didn’t do anything, but the truckers’ responses ranged from “get the fuck out of my goddamn face,” to “you’re all about to fucking get shot.”

KTNV spoke with the man who shot the video, who said that the experience left him rattled and that he wouldn’t be confronting angry motorists again any time soon. Local police are looking into the incident and are considering whether to issue a warrant for the arrest of the men in the truck.

Watch above, via Subliminal Moto.

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