Twitter Bashes Rev. Robert Jeffress for Throwing Reagan Under Bus to Defend Trump: ‘Not Very Christian’


As controversy swirls around President Donald Trump‘s history of alleged affairs, Rev. Robert Jeffress excused POTUS’s past behavior by calling President Ronald Reagan as a “known womanizer” and arguing that voters knew they weren’t supporting “an altar boy.”

However, that response provoked a wave of backlash on Twitter from the media and others, who found the remarks from the pastor and known Trumpster downright shocking, in particular, his claim that “none of us has a perfect past” and that “we voted for him because of his policies.”

To be sure, Reagan was once accused of sexual assault by actress Selene Walters, a far cry from the “womanizing” referenced by Jeffress.

Reactions to the statements, which were made during a Friday evening Fox News interview with host Ed Henry, were widespread by Sunday:

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