Robert Jeffress

Trump’s Evangelical Adviser Robert Jeffress: God is Not ‘An Open Borders Guy’

Watch as Trump Calls On A Bunch of Religious Leaders to Thank Him For His Harvey Efforts

Twitter Raises Hell After Pastor Says God Grants Trump ‘Moral Authority’ to Obliterate North Korea

WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds ‘Celebrate Freedom Rally’ to Honor Veterans LIVE STREAM

‘Islam Is Not Evil!’ Imam, Pastor Duke It Out in Fiery Clash on Hannity

Pastor: ‘The Pope Needs to Ask Donald Trump’s Forgiveness’

Fox Pastor: Churches Protecting Immigrants Following ‘Jesus of Their Imagination’

Pastor Responds to Maher over Christian Persecution: Nazis Didn’t Burn the Jews Right Away

‘Bizarre, Controlling, Manipulative’: Fox’s Ablow, Pastor Battle over Duggars

‘This Is About Bigotry!’ Hannity, Atheist, and Pastors Argue Over Religious Freedom

Pastor Connects Fifty Shades of Grey to the End of Days

Pastor Tells O’Reilly How Obama Is Laying the Groundwork for the Anti-Christ

Megachurch Pastor Jeffress: Obama’s Policies ‘Paving the Way for the Antichrist’

Pastor Tells O’Reilly Who’s the Real War on Christmas™ Mastermind: Satan

Bill O’Reilly: Why Aren’t Christian Leaders More Outraged Over The War On Christmas™?

Texas Megachurch Pastor: Obama’s Re-Election Will ‘Pave The Way’ For ‘Reign Of The Antichrist’

Prominent Baptist Pastor: Vote For ‘Cult’ Mormon Romney Because Obama ‘Shakes Fist At God’

On O’Reilly, Pastor Jeffress Clashes With Atheist Over Obama Admin’s ‘Attack’ On Religion

Fox & Friends Anchors Grill ‘Anti-Mormon’ Pastor Jeffress Over His Flip-Flop On Romney

Bill Maher: All Religions Are ‘Magic Tricks’ But Mormonism Is ‘Novelty Shop’ Magic Trick

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